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Kate's nerutenkaze house has been offered up to be demolished for magic night. I suppose we just need some particulars before we set a date. Perhaps a movie might also be in order? I dunno, *fishes for ideas*

as for what Kate needs to know, when are people back, how long are you here, and when (besides Thanksgiving) are you NOT available *if applicable*. If you can tell us (or her) this info, we'll be able to cement a date. Otherwise I think we're leaning towards next week with the full assemblage sans Kim (I think I heard her say Dec. 13th was the date, and when I talked to her mom at Star she said the same)?

I was also thinking, as far into the future as Christmastime Magic, wanna turn it into a late Return of the King night as well? I am uncertain as to it's exact date of release, but I heard it was December. My keeping-on-top of these things is shoddy at best.

well? what say you all
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ROTK comes out on the 17th. once we figure out who's going to be home and when, I'll put a poll up for Thanksgiving Magic Night. we can have a Turkey and a Tofurkey or something.
sounds vera nice, I wonder exactly how many people are interested, and I wonder if any who aren't in the community are going to be invited (since I'm sure you're bringing Bob to this shindig)
yes, Bob & Robyn are coming, and SATURDAY actually seems to be the best day to do it since my parents will actually be out that night, and they have approved the shindig. my mom said she'll make Turkey and Tofurkey sandwiches for us. so, if anyone's up for Saturday night...
AWESOME and I'm not even going to ask what Tofurkey is, although I'm almost positive it involves some form of tofu
oh, and did you get an invite from Donn to ROTK with him and Lori?
wow, this journal still exists...tee-hee

yeah I did, although I think I may already be booked with another group :-\
LJ never really deletes journals.
its majik...lolz...hello....