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Kate's nerutenkaze house has been offered up to be demolished for magic night. I suppose we just need some particulars before we set a date. Perhaps a movie might also be in order? I dunno, *fishes for ideas*

as for what Kate needs to know, when are people back, how long are you here, and when (besides Thanksgiving) are you NOT available *if applicable*. If you can tell us (or her) this info, we'll be able to cement a date. Otherwise I think we're leaning towards next week with the full assemblage sans Kim (I think I heard her say Dec. 13th was the date, and when I talked to her mom at Star she said the same)?

I was also thinking, as far into the future as Christmastime Magic, wanna turn it into a late Return of the King night as well? I am uncertain as to it's exact date of release, but I heard it was December. My keeping-on-top of these things is shoddy at best.

well? what say you all
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