cavorting platypus (speakingrole) wrote in yaymagic,
cavorting platypus

salutations, and opinions requested.

[note: this is to be cross posted in [Bad username: colorsofmagic>, <lj user=], and yaymagic

hello, everyone. my name is jon. i have been playing magic for about three years, and recently discovered these really very interesting livejournal communities.

i somehow got it into my mind that i wanted to be a card artist for WotC, but i also got it into my mind that i was a much better artist than i actually was, which is why i am here today, in front of you fine people, requesting that you pass judgment on my work (shown below). All opinions are important to me, constructive criticism is preferable but "it sucks!" (so long as it is a honest opinion) is also alright.

I decided that the 7th Edition Fire Elemental was really awful, and that they should go back to one in the style of the elder Fire Elemental. So I did the work done below especially for this card, and the mountain I adapted from another piece I did.

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Hey, sorry, I havent checked livejournal in a while.
I like the mountains, but I think the fire elemental needs a bit more definition. The edges just kind of fade out, which is what fire does which is good, but theres something odd looking about it.
Otherwise nice job!
::tips hat::

thank you kindly.

yeah, there's been a consensus that the fire elemental is a bit funny looking, but i've gone back and now i'm doing a lot more in the typical mediums. Probably to be posted soon.

Thanks for you comments!
No problem =0]