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Hi! i am new in so many ways!!

Hiya i am totaly new to the game, and wanted to play online, isn't there a programe that can do that. I am soo new that i don't have a deck, I just play with my nirdy friends deck.

did i mention im a girl??
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you can use magic apprentice, it lets you make decks and playtest them and whatnot.

the main advantage to that over magic online is that you don't have to pay for anything. yay for freeness.
Ohh so the programe is called apprentice? thats cool i want to practis with diff decks too see witch i like and then get something like it, then beat all my nird friends and they will be all shocked that a girl kicked there ass moahahhaa
hehe, okay.

you can get apprentice at

if you don't mind my asking, where are you from? (you spell programe/program oddly
If you toook the time to look at my LJ info you would know that i was From toronto, as for my spelling i can't help its ither a type o or my dislexia.
well programe looked more like a mis-spelling of 'programme' the british way of spelling it than a mis-spelling of program.

either way, enjoy apprentice and welcome to the community. if you need someone to play against in it let me know, i have some type 1 decks i've been meaning to test out.
Ya i DL it, it slighly confusses me. but i will figure it out.
btw i didn't mean to sounds mean, I think i might have came across that way and i wanted to apoligize
nah, s'cool.

good luck!