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yaymagic's Journal

share the magic
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Put on your magic face.

mantained by moi.
2 am, adult swim, anime, aqua teen hunger force, artifacts, axis of evil, bad draw, bad larry inc, bad math, bad measure, bats, brak, burn decks, cheap new cards, cheap-ass eliot, chronotrigger, coup de grace, cowboy bebop, creatures, death by ornithopter, duels, earthbound, enchantments, evangelion, final fantasy, fireball, flying, forest, good measure, huge decks, island, keiichi.net jpop online radio, kim's mom, kimwarts, lord of the rings, magic, magic alliances, magic cake, magic face, magic newbies, magic the gathering, magic tournaments, mana, marshfield, mountain, newbie fights, newbie killing, no measure whatsoever, phantom madness, plain, poo-poo, practice duels, sacrifice, sealab 2021, shadows, sifl & olly, snow-covered landwalk, star wars, stream of life, summoning, swamp, tapping, the troika, tournament, treaties, triads, tuesdays, vampires, warcraft 3